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PS-02 | Promata Rear Parking Sensor

PS-02 | Promata Rear Parking Sensor

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PS-02 Promata Rear Parking Sensor: Effortless Reversing, Precision Parking

Introducing the Promata PS-02 Rear Parking Sensor, the ultimate solution for effortless and safe reversing in your passenger vehicle. Combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, this parking assist system delivers uncompromising precision and peace of mind, ensuring every reversing maneuver is executed with confidence.

Advanced Sensing Technology

At the heart of the PS-02 lies Promata's 58K OE-quality ultrasonic sensors, providing superior coverage and accuracy. With their enhanced capabilities, these sensors ensure reliable detection of obstacles, even in the tightest spaces, making the PS-02 the perfect companion for navigating crowded parking lots or tight residential areas.

Customisable Sensor Options

To cater to your specific needs, Promata offers two sensor options for the PS-02:

  1. Standard (20.5mm) Sensor: Ideal for most passenger vehicles.
  2. Larger UTS-05 Sensors with 6 and 12-degree Angle Rings (21.5mm): Designed for enhanced coverage and visibility.

Choose the option that best suits your vehicle and parking preferences.

Intelligent Features for Seamless Reversing

The PS-02 is packed with intelligent features designed to make reversing a breeze:

  • Auto Tow-Bar Recognition: Ensures accurate detection, even with a tow-bar or rear protrusions installed, eliminating false alerts.
  • Extended Detection Range: The system can extend its detection range by 20 cm or 40 cm to accommodate rear protrusions, such as spare tyres, providing comprehensive coverage.
  • Self-Test Function: Identifies and alerts you to sensor issues, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Adjustable Alarm Volume: Customise the alarm volume to your preference (low, medium, high).
  • Audio & Visual LED Display (Upgrade Option): Enhance your parking experience with a visual representation of obstacle locations and distances.

Versatile Configuration Options

The PS-02 offers versatile configuration options to suit your specific needs. Choose between a four-sensor setup for comprehensive rear coverage or a two-sensor system for a more streamlined installation. Additionally, you can opt for either a buzzer or an LED display, providing you with the perfect balance of auditory and visual feedback.

Note: For utes and long vehicles, we recommend the PSW-81 parking sensor system for optimal performance.

Experience the ultimate in precision parking with the Promata PS-02 Rear Parking Sensor. Order yours today and elevate your reversing and parking experience to new heights of confidence and convenience.

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