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To make driving safer is our mission.

About Promata®

   Founded in Guangzhou in 2001, Promata® is a professional manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacturing of Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), actuator, central locking system, remote control central locking and window controller, parking sensors and back-up alarm, etc.

   In 2017, Promata launched its first solar-powered TPMS Promata® Mata1E, which could monitor the towing vehicles, including 4 Caravan/trailer wheels and extra 2 spare tyres. Its automatic trailer attach/detach recognition makes Mata1E a very user-friendly TPMS, and its 9-gram lightweight sensor makes installation completely DIY. Mata1E also took some small innovative steps in creating the patented tool, which makes locking and removing security lock nuts much easier, and changing sensor battery much simpler.

   2017 also signifies our cooperation with Schrader® which enables us to offer professional Schrader sensors to our customers that require internal tyre pressure monitoring sensors.

   In September 2018, Promata launched its Rigid Truck TPMS Mata T2 at the Automechnika show in Germany, it monitors up to 14 tyres with an easy DIY installation.

In Dec 2018, Promata developed a new TPMS FreshData™ technology, this enables customers to have a fresh start and know true real-time tyre pressure and temperature from the moment the display receives the data. At the moment, a majority of TPMSs on the market display the last recorded tyre data when first turned on. This function is now available on all devices.

   In 2019, Promata launched MataC – a simple, reliable, quality TPMS that is a great choice for passenger cars and 4WDs alike. It is a simply designed cig-plug style tpms that does the job of monitoring 4 tyres daily and it does it well. In addition, MataC has a special One-button Set Pressure function that was very attractive for users who frequently change tyre pressures for different terrains. Promata also developed Mata7, a truck and trailer TPMS that was revealed at the Brisbane Truck Show for the first time.

   In 2020, after successfully developing the full range of products for cars, 4WD and trailer TPMS, Promata was committed to innovating more truck monitoring solutions. Promata continues to promote Mata7 tyre pressure monitoring system for truck + single trailer system that can monitor up to 32 tyres.

In 2021, Promata had exponential demand with the 4WD + trailer TPMS, and had favourable reviews regarding these products. 2021 was also a year where Promata was in the continual process of developing internal car sensors and also B-double and road-train solutions.

   In 2022, Promata successfully developed Internal Car TPMS for the mass market. The new sensors were fast-responding and easy-to-pair. Semi-trailer, B-double and road-train solution Mata7 and Mata7S were now commercially available. The products were field-tested in New South Wales.

   In 2023, Promata revealed Mata7S at the Brisbane Truck Show for the first time, garnering the interest of operation managers and tracking companies. Promata also newly developed Mata7S with CANbus out put data to enable fleet tracking, the device was actively tested in Western Australia and New South Wales. Promata had also trialled Mata7S multi-trailer tyre pressure monitoring system gained a lot of international attention at the Canton Fair.

   Our commitment to quality, performance and service is the driving force for our success. As an IATF certified factory by TUV Rheinland, all our products are designed, produced and released under strict quality control.

   We supply our quality products to customers in more than 50 countries in the world, such as USA, Italy, Germany, India, Australia, NZ and China… Our customers include car manufacturers, truck manufacturers in various country: Toyota Indonesia, Nissan Indonesia, Greatwall Motor, Changan automobile, Dongfeng automobile, etc.

About Carmate Electronics

   Carmate Electronics Pty Ltd (ABN 68 149 201 623) was incorporated in Feb 2011. We have been collaborating with Australian companies to design user-friendly automotive safety products since 2013.

   In 2018, Carmate Electronics was excited to introduce several lines of Promata® products to the Australian market, including the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and PS-line Parking Sensors.

   Carmate offers the following product categories to our distributors:
- TPMS (for cars, 4WDs, racing car, Caravans & motorhomes, bus and trucks)
Parking sensors (wired, wireless, canbus, waterproof… )
Actuators and central locking (vehicle specific and universal)
Reversing alarms (car and trucks)
Autolight (light sensor)
Accessories (phone holders and chargers)

   We are a proud member of the Australian Aftermarket Association (AAA) and the Heavy Vehicle Industry of Australia (HVIA).
Backed up by the design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities from Promata®, we are happy to assist you with your product sourcing and design needs.

   If you wish to distribute, wholesale or purchase our products; design or manufacture products to your specifications; or if you simply have a question, please contact us at sales@promata.com.au

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