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What's the Ultimate TPMS Checklist?

A checklist for when you're purchasing TPMS! It lists the main features of TPMS to ensure you don't miss anything.

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1. What is the difference between external and internal sensors?

External sensors are screw-on sensors like the valve cap. They are DIY installation, lightweight and IP67. These are battery replaceable and very easy to use. They are recommended for passenger vehicles and are good for moderate 4WDing too. The downside is they can get damaged (e.g. if directly struck by a rock), and sensors could get stolen. 

2. What to do if I have external sensors and I rotate my tyres?

Simply unscrew the sensors and re-screw them onto the correct position on the tyres.

3. What to do if I have internal sensors and I rotate my tyres?

For internal sensors: there are two methods.

  1. Use tyre swap function 
  2. Use pairing function 

If you own Promata Internal sensors (available from 2022), either method is fine. Pairing function may be easier. 

If you own Schrader sensors (available before October 2022), we strongly recommend Tyre Swap function - Choose two tyres and swap their location on the display.

4. Are replacement sensors available?

Yes, replacement sensors can be purchased here. These sensors are universal and do not have location marks. You can program/pair the spare to that location.

5. Battery life for the sensors?

Battery life depends on usage. External battery life is 2 years. Internal battery life is 6 years. 

6. Are sensor batteries replaceable?

The external sensors’ batteries are replaceable. Users can purchase the same type of batteries and replace old ones.

The internal sensors’ batteries are not replaceable. The sensor needs to be replaced when its battery is depleted in 6 years.

7. Do the internal sensors automatically program to the tyre location they are installed in, or do I need to program them in?

No, they are not automatic. A new sensor will need to be programmed to the display for the system to recognise it. NOTE: these sensors are not OE replacement sensors, they are compatible with Promata TPMS only.

8. How does the Mata 1E / Mata 1 display show the trailer and spare tyres?

There are three screens: Car screen (4 tyres max), trailer screen (4 tyres max), and spare tyre screen (2 tyres max). 

The display has automatic trailer hook/drop recognition. If the display detects the trailer sensors, it will automatically scroll between the car screen and the trailer screen. If there is no trailer, the display will not scroll to the trailer screen. 

The display does not normally show the spare tyres during the drive. A warning will pop up if spare tyre pressures are too low. Users can manually check each screen by pressing the “-” button on the display.

9. I need a unique set-up for my TPMS kit, and need some advice?

If you have any questions or if you need a custom kit, please email us with some details: vehicle + trailer set up, how many tyres, internal or external sensors in which locations, approximate length of vehicle.

Helpful Videos: Installation, Pairing/Deleting sensors etc.