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Mata7 | Truck and Trailer TPMS

Mata7 | Truck and Trailer TPMS

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Product Overview

Looking for a premium tyre pressure monitoring system for your truck or fleet? Look no further.

The Mata7 Truck and Trailer Tyre Pressure Monitoring System employs the latest in FreshData Technology for real-time tyre pressure and temperature monitoring, informing drivers of low tyre pressures, air leakages, and high tyre temperatures. Compatible with fleet monitoring for rigid trucks and semi-trailers.

With its easy installation, scale safety and efficiency with your vehicle - Mata7 can effortlessly monitor up to 34 vehicle tyres.


Key Features & Specifications

  1. Pressure range: 0~203 PSI/0~14 BAR
  2. FreshData Technology
  3. Suitable for one truck and up to one additional trailer
  4. Monitors real-time tyre pressure and temperature
  5. Visual and audible warning for high/low pressure, air leakage, high temperature
  6. Choose either external sensors with a 2-year sensor battery life (replaceable battery cell) or an internal sensor solution
  7. Monitor up to 34 tyres
  8. User-configurable baseline pressures and temperatures
  9. Two pressure alarm parameters: Front steering axle (1) and all other tyres (2)
  10. Alarm sound ON/OFF setting
  11. Pick from three tyre views: Front Steering Axle (1), Truck Axles (2), and All Axles (3)
  12. Data output available


Automatic Drop-and-Hook Technology

Mata7 intelligently updates the display each time a Mata7-enabled trailer is connected, allowing for seamless fleet operations as your operations grow.


Stylish & Ergonomic Display

Enhancing safety and efficiency shouldn't come at the cost of aesthetics. Mata7's robust design elegantly elevates your trucking experience.

Looking for scale?

Check out our multi-trailer TPMS solution - the Mata7S or Mata7S-CAN!

Not sure which product is right for you?

Chat with a specialist at or (02) 9929 9048.


Button Cell Battery Warning:

*WARNING: The external sensor contains a button battery. Keep away from children.

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