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Mata C | One-Button TPMS for 4WDs & Offroaders

Mata C | One-Button TPMS for 4WDs & Offroaders

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Hitting the trails just got safer and more convenient with the Promata C Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. Designed specifically for 4-wheel vehicles, this cutting-edge system takes the guesswork out of off-road adventures, ensuring you're always in control.

Key Features

The Promata Mata C is packed with features to keep you one step ahead:

- Pressure monitoring range: 0-99 PSI
- Bar/PSI pressure unit selection
- Real-time tyre pressure and temperature monitoring
- Alerts for low pressure, high pressure, fast air leakage, and high tyre temperature
- Visual and audible alerts to keep you aware, preset to ±25% baseline pressure
- Suitable for 4WDs, motorhomes, and light trucks
- Built to Last, Built to Perform

One-Button to Set Pressure: Your Off-Road Advantage

The revolutionary One-Button Set Pressure function is your secret weapon for tackling any terrain. With a simple press and hold, the system sets baseline pressures based on your current tyre pressure, allowing you to adjust your tyres to the perfect PSI for the conditions ahead. No more fiddling with complicated settings - just set it and forget it.

Real-Time Monitoring at Your Fingertips

The sleek, cig-plug style display keeps you informed every step of the way. Monitor all four tyre pressures and your vehicle's voltage in real-time, ensuring you're always in the know. Plus, with the IP67 waterproof and lightweight external sensors, you can install the system yourself with ease.

Monitors Your Car Battery Voltage Too

The Mata C TPMS doesn't just track tyre pressure — it also keeps tabs on your car's battery voltage. This added feature offers vital insights into your vehicle's battery status, giving you peace of mind on off-road journeys.

With its all-weather design, patented lock nut removal tool, and impressive monitoring distance of 10m, the Promata Mata C is built to withstand the toughest conditions. And thanks to Freshdata technology, you'll start each drive with a clean slate, ensuring accurate readings every time.

Unparalleled Quality and Convenience

The Promata Mata C external sensors are engineered for precision and longevity:

- ±1.5 PSI accuracy
- Featherweight 9-gram design (no wheel rebalancing required)
- IP67 protection against dust and water
- Replaceable CR1632 button cell battery (2-year battery life)
- Anti-theft lock nuts included for added security

Experience the freedom of off-road adventures with the Promata Mata C Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. Order yours today and hit the trails with confidence.

In the Box

The Mata C kit comes with a cig-plug style display, 4 external sensors, 4 antitheft lock nuts, and a patented wrench.

*WARNING: The external sensor contains a button battery. Keep away from children.

Care Instructions

Product comes with a small protective film over the screen. Practise caution when removing the film to prevent scratches.

Additional lock nuts can be installed to prevent theft, but is not necessary.


1. Does this work with my Hilux or Prado?
Yes! The system supports any 2-4 sensor implementation.

2. How many sensors does this system support?
Anywhere between 2 - 4 sensors.

Check out our MataC video series in the general "FAQ" page.

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