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Mata T2 | TPMS for Rigid Trucks

Mata T2 | TPMS for Rigid Trucks

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Introducting the Promata Mata T2 Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System - the cutting-edge solution for keeping your heavy-duty vehicles running smoothly and safely. Designed specifically for trucks and other heavy vehicles, this solar-powered, external TPMS is packed with innovative features that will revolutionise the way you monitor your tyres.

Key Features

Unrivaled Monitoring Capabilities

The Mata T2 system is equipped to handle even the toughest trucking demands. With the ability to monitor 2-14 tyres and a range of 0-203 PSI / 0-14 BAR for pressure and 0-120°C / 32-248°F for temperature, you can rest assured that your tyres are always operating within optimal parameters.

FreshData® Technology: Real-Time Accuracy

Say goodbye to outdated tyre data with cutting-edge FreshData® technology. As you hit the road, the vibration-activated display will wake up and provide you with real-time tyre information, two wheels at a time. No more guessing - you'll always know the true state of your tyres.

Easy DIY Installation

Installing the Mata T2 is a breeze, thanks to its three-step DIY process:

1. Turn on the display
2. Install the security nuts and sensors on the tyres, replacing the original valve cap
3. Mount the display on the dashboard - and you're ready to roll!

Intelligent Alerts and Monitoring

With the Mata T2, you'll never have to worry about tyre issues catching you off guard. The system provides visual and audible alerts for low pressure, high pressure, fast air leakage, and high tyre temperature. If a tyre abnormality is detected, the display will flash and sound an alarm, allowing you to address the problem promptly.

Versatile and Customisable

The Mata T2 is designed to grow with your needs. With additional sensors, you can monitor up to 14 tyres on a single vehicle. And if your truck exceeds 10 metres in length, an optional repeater boosts the monitoring distance to an impressive 30 metres.

Built to Last

Built with heavy-duty, IP67 waterproof external sensors and a high-temperature resistant battery, the Mata T2 is engineered to withstand even the harshest environments. Plus, with patented lock nut removal tools and replaceable sensor batteries, you can count on years of reliable performance.

Experience the ultimate in tyre monitoring with the Promata Mata T2 Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System. Order yours today and take control of your trucking operations like never before.

In the Box

MataT2 TPMS Kit.

Care Instructions

LCD displays are susceptible to damage from extreme heat and sunlight. While our displays are tried and tested, minimise exposure to prolong the life of your unit.

We suggest:
1. Mounting the display unit close to an airvent, and/or partially shaded by the vehicle A-pillar
2. Moving the display unit into the glovebox when not needed for an extended period (and in Australia's hot climate!)


Want to add more sensors to your truck TPMS? Simply purchase additional sensors and pair them to the unit.

For any questions, our helpful customer service has you covered! Call (02) 9929 9048 or email us today at

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