Ultimate TPMS Buying Checklist for Consumers

-Inspired by our customer who told us: “There’s too much information and too many products on the market and you don’t know how to choose!”

This is a guide for beginner buyers and seasoned users of 4WD/caravan TPMS! We have this handy checklist that you can download. Cross out anything optional or you don’t need, then you can check and tick off items when you read through manufacturer’s product descriptions. 

Download the pdf here.

The Beginner Question: Should I buy a TPMS for my vehicle?

1. Most caravans/trailers/motorhomes do not have it so it is a must for when you hit a nail and you don’t realise the tyre’s going flat

2. If your vehicle doesn’t come with a TPMS and you don’t check your tyres every week/before a long drive, it is a must for tyre maintenance

3. How good is your in-car factory TPMS? Does it tell you what pressure all tyres are? If it only alerts you when your tyre is down to 26psi, that’s not good enough for maintaining your tyres properly!

Does at TPMS pay itself over? Absolutely. A TPMS unit can range from less than $100 to almost $1000 on some expensive units. If you factor in the safety of passengers onboard that are travelling, the cost of a tyre if it is completely ruined, auto shop replacement costs, the possibility of being stuck on the road for hours until roadside assist, better tyre lifetime, and potentially a shortened/cancelled trip, a tyre pressure monitor can help reduce all those risks and give you peace of mind.


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