Mata T2 Truck TPMS and Mata C 4WD Car TPMS

We’ve been constantly innovating and creating new products, and this year we’re proud to introduce Mata T2 truck tyre pressure monitoring system and Mata C one-button TPMS.

MATA T2 – inexpensive, beautiful and easy to use truck tpms

Improve fuel efficiency and reduce tyre wear by monitoring your truck tyres on the go with the innovative Mata T2 truck tyre pressure monitoring system. The advantages of Mata T2 compared to other truck TPMSs on the market includes:

  1. Suitable for prime movers and rigid trucks
  2. Can monitor 2~22 tyres, so the driver can monitor prime movers with a 2-sensor system
  3. Inexpensive – our product is much more cost-effective than anything on the market at the moment
  4. External sensors easy for installation
  5. Beautiful and stylish display
  6. High quality solar power display (wired displays for 2~34 wheel trucks will be released later in the year)
  7. IP67 truck external sensors, battery replaceable and lasts 2 years
  8. Optional booster for reliable signals on longer vehicles >10m


MATA C – simple 4WD/Car TPMS with the best quality 

The Mata C is a 4-wheel cig-plug style tyre pressure monitoring system suitable for all 4-wheel vehicles (pressure monitoring range 0~99PSI). Its one-button set presure function sets baseline tyre pressures according to current tyre pressures, with alarms automatically at ±25% baselines pressure. Simple to install, simple to use.

The advantages of Mata C:

  1. Suitable for 4-wheel vehicles
  2. Pressure range: 0~99PSI
  3. One-button set pressure (OBSP) function fantastic for frequent offroad trips
  4. Monitors battery voltage
  5. Cig-plug style display + external sensors for 3 minute installation


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