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TC02 Trailer kit for MATA7S

TC02 Trailer kit for MATA7S

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Promata TC02 Trailer Monitoring Kit: Unparalleled Multi-Trailer Monitoring, Seamless Integration

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the powerful Promata Mata7S multi-trailer tyre pressure monitoring system, the TC02 Trailer Monitoring Kit provides an unparalleled solution for comprehensive trailer tyre monitoring across even the most complex fleets.

Scalable Tyre Monitoring Capabilities

With the ability to monitor up to 16 tyres per kit and support for up to 6 trailers connected to a single prime mover, the TC02 Trailer Monitoring Kit offers unmatched scalability and coverage. Add an extra kit for each additional dolly or trailer that requires monitoring, ensuring every tyre across your fleet is under constant surveillance.

Seamless Integration and Plug-and-Play Setup

Engineered for seamless integration with the Mata7S system, the TC02 Trailer Monitoring Kit provides a cohesive and unified monitoring experience. All sensors come pre-paired and clearly marked for their correct location, allowing for a hassle-free plug-and-play setup – simply install and go!

Intelligent Features for Efficient Operations

The TC02 Trailer Monitoring Kit is packed with intelligent features designed to streamline your operations and maximize efficiency:

  • Tyre Swap Function: Easily accommodate tyre rotations with the Mata7S screen, simplifying maintenance and extending the life of your tyres.
  • Compatibility with Internal and External Sensors: The kit supports both internal and external sensors, providing flexibility and compatibility with your existing setup.
  • Hook and Drop System: Seamlessly connect and disconnect trailers equipped with the TC02 kit to any prime mover installed with the Mata7S system, enabling efficient trailer swapping and minimising downtime.

Flexible Sensor Options

Choose between external or internal truck sensors to suit your specific needs and preferences. External sensors offer a durable and weather-resistant solution, while internal sensors provide a sleek, integrated installation.

Unparalleled Performance and Reliability

Designed to work seamlessly with the Promata Mata7S multi-trailer tyre pressure monitoring system, the TC02 Trailer Monitoring Kit provides a cohesive and integrated solution for monitoring trailer tyres across your entire fleet. This integration ensures optimal performance, reliability, and ease of use, streamlining your operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

Experience the confidence of unparalleled multi-trailer monitoring with the Promata TC02 Trailer Monitoring Kit. Order yours today and take your tyre pressure monitoring capabilities to new heights of precision and integration.

Note: This product is not compatible with the Mata7 and is designed specifically for integration with the Mata7S multi-trailer tyre pressure monitoring system.

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