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Promata KC01 TPMS Signal Booster

Promata KC01 TPMS Signal Booster

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Promata KC-01 TPMS Signal Booster: Extending the Reach of Reliable Tyre Monitoring

Designed to enhance the performance of Promata's industry-leading tyre pressure monitoring systems, the Promata KC-01 TPMS Signal Booster is the perfect solution for ensuring reliable monitoring across long vehicles or in environments with significant electronic interference.

Boost Your Monitoring Range

The KC-01 Signal Booster is engineered to strengthen TPMS sensor signals, extending the reach of your monitoring system and ensuring accurate readings, no matter the distance or level of interference. By installing the booster closer to the furthest sensors, you can amplify their signal, providing a robust and reliable connection to your display.

Versatile Compatibility

With compatibility across a wide range of Promata tyre pressure monitoring systems, including the Mata T2, Mata C, Mata 1, Mata 1E, Mata 2, Mata 2E, Mata7S, and Mata7 displays, the KC-01 Signal Booster seamlessly integrates into your existing setup, providing a simple and effective solution for enhancing your monitoring capabilities.

Optimised Signal Amplification

To ensure even and consistent signal amplification, the KC-01 Signal Booster should be positioned equidistant from all sensors. This strategic placement allows the booster to evenly strengthen the signals from each sensor, providing reliable monitoring across your entire tyre setup.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Installing the KC-01 Signal Booster is a straightforward process, requiring no special tools or expertise. Simply follow the installation instructions, positioning the booster in the optimal location for your specific vehicle and sensor configuration. With no need for a metal enclosure, the booster can be easily mounted and accessed for maintenance or adjustments as needed.

Enhance Your Tyre Monitoring Experience

Experience the confidence of reliable tyre monitoring, even in the most challenging environments, with the Promata KC-01 TPMS Signal Booster. Order yours today and take your tyre pressure monitoring system to the next level, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind mile after mile.

Note: For optimal performance, the booster should be installed close to the sensors you wish to strengthen and positioned equidistant from all sensors to evenly boost their signals.


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