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Mata 1 | TPMS for Cars & 4WDs

Mata 1 | TPMS for Cars & 4WDs

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Safeguard your journey with the Promata Mata 1 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), the ultimate solution for monitoring tyre health across a wide range of vehicles. Combining cutting-edge technology with exceptional versatility, this TPMS is the perfect companion for car owners, RV enthusiasts, and light truck drivers alike.

Key Features

Unrivaled Monitoring Capabilities

The Mata 1 system boasts a monitoring range of 0-99 PSI, ensuring you always have a clear picture of your tyre pressures. With the ability to monitor up to 10 tyres, including spare tyres, this TPMS can adapt to your unique vehicle configuration, whether you're driving a car, 4WD, motorhome, or light truck.

Intelligent Alerts and Real-Time Monitoring

Stay ahead of potential issues with the Mata 1's real-time monitoring and intelligent alert system. Receive visual and audible alerts for low pressure, high pressure, fast air leakage, and high tyre temperature, allowing you to address any concerns promptly. Adjustable high/low pressure thresholds by axle give you complete control over your monitoring preferences.

Seamless DIY Installation

Installing the Mata 1 is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive design and included accessories. Choose between waterproof internal (professional installation required) or external (DIY) sensors. External sensors weigh less than 9 grams, eliminating the need for wheel rebalancing, while patented lock nut removal tools ensure a secure fit.

Unmatched Versatility

The Mata1 is designed to grow with your needs. Upgrade to monitor up to 10 tyres, including spare tyres, without the need for a booster for vehicles up to 10 metres in length. Mix and match internal and external sensors for the perfect configuration, or customise your setup with our helpful customer service team.

Built to Last

With its all-weather design, IP67 waterproof sensors, and high-temperature resistant battery, the Mata1 is engineered to withstand even the harshest conditions. External sensors feature replaceable CR1632 button batteries with a 2-year lifespan, while internal sensors boast an impressive 5-year battery life based on 2 hours of daily driving.

Cutting-Edge Display

The Mata 1's solar-powered LCD display is a true marvel of engineering. Featuring a large mono digital screen that displays all tyre pressures and temperatures, this display is designed for optimal visibility, with an automatic backlight for night driving and adjustable screen brightness for clear viewing in direct sunlight. The vibration-activated auto-wake function ensures you're always up-to-date, while the auto-sleep mode conserves battery life.

Experience the ultimate in tyre monitoring with the Promata Mata 1 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. Order yours today and hit the road with confidence, knowing your tyres are in perfect condition.

In the Box

**WARNING: The external sensor contains button battery. Keep away from children.

Care Instructions

LCD displays are susceptible to damage from extreme heat and sunlight. While our displays are tried and tested, minimise exposure to prolong the life of your unit.

We suggest:
1. Mounting the display unit close to an airvent, and/or partially shaded by the vehicle A-pillar
2. Moving the display unit into the glovebox when not needed for an extended period (and in Australia's hot climate!)

Charge the unit using a 5V, Micro-USB connection.


1. How does the display show all 8 sensors when driving?

The display automatically alternates between the car screen and trailer screen every few seconds. If the trailer is not attached, the display will automatically un-link and only show the car section, and will not alternate. (Spare tyre section does not show unless there is a tyre problem.)

2. Can I use Mata1(E)-6 on my 6-sensor motorhome?

Yes, if there is no trailer/caravan.

3. Can I use Mata1(E) on my 6-sensor motorhome + 4 sensor caravan?

Technically no, the extra two tyres on the motorhome cannot be paired to the trailer section and also support another trailer, as this will interfere with the drop/hook function.

However, we do have customers who don't mind monitoring two wheels of the motorhome using the spare tyre section. They would use a configuration such as 4 car (motorhome tyres) + 4 trailer (caravan tyres)+ 2 spare tyre (motorhome tyres). Or if they have a 4-wheel car plus a 6-sensor motorhome, it would be 4 car (car tyres) + 4 trailer (motorhome) + 2 spare (motorhome).

Note: The spare tyre section is more inert compared to the normal positions. It does not show up on the display unless alarming for low pressure, or when the user is manually checking.

4. Can I use Mata1(E) (4 sensor system, standard configuration) to only monitor my 4-sensor caravan? Do I have to change these sensors to the trailer section?

There is no functional difference, since drop/hook functions apply to the "car section" as well. When the caravan is detached, display will freeze the numbers and will not beep constantly.

5. So does that mean I can technically monitor two cars with one display with 4 car (car 1) + 4 trailer (car 2)? Since drop/hook function applies to both sections, I can drive either car to work with the display, and it won't beep constantly?

Yes, as long as you bring the display with you.

6. I want to purchase a 6-sensor kit, I only need 4 to monitor my car and want to keep 2 as extras?

Standard configuration has 2 sensors on the trailer section, so if the 2 extras are not being used, we recommend keeping them at home OR keeping the extra 2 in the glove box and deleting the extra sensors on the display (to prevent them from beeping). Or you could leave us a note when purchasing, then you will receive the 2 sensors as extras, and you can keep them in the car's glove box!

7. Positive LCD screen working temperature

Best working temperature is less than 70 degrees celsius. Our positive LCD screen on Mata1(E) is heat-resistant and the best on the market for LCD visibility, it does not fade easily in Australia's hot temperatures.

Check out our comprehensive video guides on the overall FAQ page.

Need assistance with custom configurations or have any questions? Our knowledgable customer service team is here to help! Call (02) 9929 9048 or email

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