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Mata 2 Internal Sensor Review from Tony C., Australia, July 21, 2023

How would you rate the product: 5 Stars

Excellent product, allows total confidence when travelling and towing on all surfaces. After sales service is first rate!!!

Tony C.

Mata 2E Review from Malcolm R., Australia, May 31, 2023

How would you rate the product: 5 Stars

Great system. All 8 tyres covered, 4 vehicle, 2 camper, 2 spares. It has performed flawlessly in heat, sand and mud. Several trips from Sydney to NSW & Queensland. Leaving on one trip we noticed as we departed the left front tyre was down a bit, not much but a few psi, after having filled all tyres for the trip, a few days before. Upon inspection found a nail in the tyre and we were able to return to home (10mins) effect the repair and reinflate in under 30mins. Much nicer to do this in our driveway than on the road.

When we deflate and reinflate our tyres we can check the consistency of our operations.
Temperature warnings can warn of failing bearings. We rest ours on a non-slip mat so it can be easily moved out of the midday sun, it’s never moved an inch over the worst corregations and pot holes.
This system gives us a great deal of Peace of Mind.

Malcolm R.

Mata 2E Review from Martin P., Australia, May 21, 2022

Hi guys

I love your product – has worked perfectly after fitting to my 2021 Toyota Prado VX and doing a 12 hour trip away up the WA coast and back to Perth. Functionality is really good.

I’ve attached a photo of where I’ve mounted my Mata2E TPMS unit that you are welcome to use with my email, for a testimonial.  🙂


Mata2E display mounted in the vehicle

Mata 1E Review from R. Ackland, Australia, Sep 11, 2018


The customer was looking for a robust, accurate and reliable TPMS to replace a 12-year-old TPMS. The customer travels over 20,000km around outback Australia each year with their D4 towing an AOR Q+ off road campervan so a TPMS is vital. The customer’s colleague in the tyre industry recommended Promata, and we recommended Mata1E-6 and 2 spare sensors for his situation. The customer has agreed to send us some feedback and photos which we will share below.

Car + Caravan setup with Promata TPMS

Images from R. Ackland


“We are back from our 5,000km trip from Adelaide to Alice Springs via: The Flinders Ranges, Oodnadatta Track, Eringa Waterhole to Mt Dare, Mt Dare to Finke then to Chambers Pillar and then to Alice Springs. The return was from Alice to Glendambo then through the Gammon Ranges via Kingoonya and Hiltaba to rejoin the bitumen at Wirulla. Then back to Adelaide via Port Augusta.

Total distance was divided into 2,000km of bitumen and 3,000km off bitumen. A lot of tracks were extremely rough, rocky and sandy and at times quite challenging. 

The TPMS worked without issue. I was a bit sceptical of the solar power but we never ran out of battery power despite several very cloudy days. Given the rocky and stony nature of the tracks I was amazed all the external TPMS units survived without any damage. 

Fitting and setting up the sensors on the 4WD and off road camper van was as simple as following the instructions. Not requiring an additional range extender antenna is another plus with this system.

We found one issue when the sensors on the rear tyres were alarming. After very close scrutiny we found both of the caps had worked slightly loose. We tightened them using the supplied tool and no problems after that.

Whilst not as extensive as a durability evaluation this field trial has given me the confidence to recommend the product. But with the caveat of only using short or long metal valve stems to reduce the risk of damage to the sensors and/or valve stems when operating in what I would consider normal outback travel/touring conditions.”

Mata 1-5I + 5E from Trevor P., Australia, July 12, 2019

In 2018, our customer purchased a mixed set of 5 internal sensors for his car and 5 external sensors for his caravan, in total 10 sensors. This is his email testimonial on Mata1 with 5 Internal and 5 External sensors:

“We are currently travelling around Australia for 2 years (having left Sydney in Oct 18) and rely on your TPMS to monitor our Landcruiser and Large Caravan tyres.  I have found the TPMS invaluable and a few days ago while travelling on dirt roads to Marble Bar in WA it told me I had a almost instantaneous flat. I could not even feel the effect of the flat while driving the car but knew to stop quickly, if I had not had the TPMS I would not have noticed the flat tyre and would have driven on for some time and probably would have totally destroyed the tyre before noticing the issue!

I have attached a photo of where we were driving when I had the flat tyre to show we are not just driving around Sydney anymore!” 

Mata1-5I+5E in WA, photo from Trevor P.

PS-02 Review from Richard B., Australia, December 14, 2023

How would you rate the product: 5 Stars

After installing front and rear parking sensors that were working amazing for 3 months (saved me many times) the rear sensors suddenly stopped working properly.
I called Mike, who said bring it in straight away.
I did and with further investigation he found that water had got into the main unit.
He replaced it free of charge and wished me a merry Christmas.
What a bloke and an amazing company. Rest assured if you buy their parking sensors you are getting the best of the best.
Thanks so much Mike,
Regards, Rich

Richard B.


Mata 1 from A. Karptsov, Russia, Sep 11, 2018

Review on Mata1 with 2018 Schrader sensors:

Just an information letter for you and your company.

Since I am the owner of your TPMS for almost 2 years, I think I can leave my feedback to you, hope it will help. So I have tested your sensor in many different and extreme conditions. I have 2 sets of wheels – one for winter and another for summer. As I fully charged monitor can easily work for 6 months without charging from a socket. Solar panel enough to recharge the battery. Winter temperature can reach -35 in my region and your TPMS work normally. Just one insignificant issue – with such low temperatures the monitor screen freezes and its responsiveness becomes slow, when the temperature in the car interior rises, the screen returns back to normal. But I think it is okay for such conditions.

Summer sensors used in even more extreme conditions. From time to time (when the pressure in tire low) I am losing tire from disk, so your sensor is underwater and dirt. Last time I put gas inside the tire and arson it to put the tire back. The sensor survived the explosion and work 100% normally. I drove the car around 400km with dirt, rocks, and water inside the tire, so the sensor is really waterproof and dirt proof. Also, sensors saved my tire from breaking because I stopped the car only because the alarm alerted me about zero tire pressure. If not alarm, I keep driving the car because I didn’t feel that lost tire. This sensors is very very usefull when driving off road.

Such conditions were trialed by the sensor, even disc have scratches from rocks.”

Short Testimonials


I have the Mata C TPMS and I’m very pleased with it.” – Edward D., March 23, 2022